Bonn International Cooking Energy Forum - Thursday, 27 June 2013

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Cooking Energy and Climate

Key Note Speech:
Daniele Violetti, PhD, Chief of Staff, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Cooking Energy and Climate - Daniele Violetti, UNFCCC


Parallel Workshops:

How Can We Contribute to Measure the "100 million by 2020" Goal?

Issues in focus: Achievements to date and contribution to the Alliance’s overarching goal,monitoring approaches of different cooking energy interventions at global, international and national level, options for harmonizing different monitoring interests and approaches.

Workshop 1 Documentation - How Can We Contribute to Measure the "100 Million by 2020" Goal?

Going to Scale – How the Private and Public Sectors Can Join Forces to Create Vibrant Markets for Clean Cookstoves

Issues in focus: Vision of a vibrant market; roles, potential, and barriers of the public and private sector players at international, national and local level; policy instruments,regulatory framework conditions, available financing instruments. After a joint starting session this workshop was split in two sub-groups, working on:
1. Challenges and recommendations for national/local production
2. Challenges and recommendations for multi-national production.

Workshop 2.1 Documentation - Challenges for National/Local Production
Workshop 2.2 Documentation - Challenges for Multi-National/Global Production

Emerging Opportunities in Cooking Fuels and in Changing Cooking Habits

Issues in focus: Latest developments of solid biomass energy supply, and best practices in behavior change approaches, usage patterns.

Workshop 3 Documentation - Emerging Opportunities in Cooking Fuels & in Changing Cooking Habits

16:00 – 16:45

Plenum: New Initiatives

Alain Guinebault, Director GERES, The Stoveplus Initiative
Mahama Kappiah, Executive Director, ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (ECREEE): The West African Clean Cooking Alliance (WACCA)

Neera van der Geest, Managing Director, FairClimateFund: The HIER Campaign

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