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The present electric power generation in India has not met the demand.The power generation and the load demand are about 300GW by the year 2016-17.The possible solution to match the generation and demand is by increasing power generation and energy conservation measures. As a developing country it is not possible to install the full load capacity instantly, but conservation can be done in an effective manner to reduce the demand. Looking over this scenario Dr.MGR Educational and Research Institute University started energy awareness and renewable initiative forum in the year 2013 with the objective of concentrating more on research and development on micro grid and energy conservative opportunities to help the country to save energy. To help this, MGR VISION 10MW was inaugurated by IET President Er. Barry Brooks on March 2014 ( initiative to save 10MW of Energy in a period of 10years). The progress areas of the work in the Vision are Energy Savings through Effective Energy Audit, Energy reduction through Implementation of MICROGRID and Awareness through Public Events. In this regard Pilot Project 1 and pilot project 2 was completed and Pilot Project 3 execution is under progress. The present status of work till Oct 2016 is the completion of 297 audits and submission of 205 recommendations to industries,residential houses, commercial buildings and institutions with achievement of 25% savings outcome. Energy Awareness talks were delivered to reach 7500 general public. The reporting outcome concluded with 17 research paper publications in Scopus Search Engine. In the Year 2015, MGR Vision 10MW joined, Research Partner with Energy Efficency Research Group (GREEN9).

Pilot Project 1

The pilot project 1 was initiated in April’14 and completed in April’15. This PP1 contains different modulels. The energy audit team members organised various Energy saving awareness programs for general public. In the Module 1 Energy audit was done in various houses located in different areas in and around Chennai. That module was completed by our university student members K.Keerthi jain, N.Kishore kumar, S.Muralikrishnan, Awinash kumar, R.Yogaraj, Abhishek raj, M.Thanigivelu, Ajit Kumar Yadav and Harshjeet Rai. The Module 2 is the development of Energy Audit Software which will make easy the energy audit process. This software was developed by our students Adithya Ganapathy and Godwin Manjo. The Module 3 is the development of smart grid model. This was developed by Shashi Ranjan, Shanthi Kumar, Vicky, Satendra kumar and Sanjeiv Patel. The Module 3 is energy - saving by implementing energy audit software and micro gride in residential areas after completing the pre audit process. This was done by Priya.T.M, Gohila.B,Lavanya.R and Sanjana.

Pilot Project 2

The pilot project 2 was inaugurated in April’15 and completed in April’16.This PP2 contains different modules. The energy audit team members organised various energy- saving awareness programs for general public. In the Module 1 Energy audit was done in various industries, houses and commercial buildings located in different areas in and around Chennai using microgrid. That module was completed by our university student members. The Module is the development of smart Grid model. Module 3 is Energy saving by implementing Energy audit software and micro grid in different areas after completing the pre- audit process. The PP2 work was executed by the team members Regu Narayanan, Neelakandan, Pugazhenthi Raji, Ganesh, Bharath Kumar Singh, Ashok Kumar, Chandru Mahto, K. Sujan, Priyanka Kumari, Pooja Kumari, Ujjwal Srivastava, Sujeet Kumar Singh, Sudhir Kumar Gupta, Arivalagan. R, Ganesh.P, Dillibabu.R, Mohan.S, and Rajakumaran.

Pilot Project 3

With the success outcome of PP-2, PP-3 were started its initiative in the month of April 2016. Five teams show their interest to work with the VISION 10MW. Total of 13 members have joined as teams. Pilot project 3 members have inaugurated by the Er. Sheeba Percis, HOD of EEE Department. The initial work started with wastage audit of technical universities. The motto of PP-3 is to enhance the work done by PP-1 and PP-2 members. In the PP-3 wastage audit data observation is completed and compared with PP-2 observed data. At last all the teams completed the research paper with those collected data. Finally the PP-3 members are segregated in different teams after the completion of wastage audit. The teams have started the work in four different fields which are: industrial, residential, commercial and institutional buildings. One Energy Audit Workshop is conducted to bring awareness in members about energy savings and conservations. One ETAP workshop is conducted to develop the software skills of the team members. The teams have completed the audit in their respective areas and given recommendation as per the observed issues. SLD, observation data and literature review is also completed regarding the paper. With these steps the paper is completed and ready for submission in conference with implemented outcomes. The PP-3 phase-1 project done by the members Jyoti, Abhishek Arya Mr. Arunachalam (TEAM HERCULEAN), Shailesh kumar, Nity, Musthapa and Mr. Karunaharan(TEAM SNM CHALLANGERS) Pratap, Subam, Vineeth and Er. Renganathan, Er.Bhuwneshwari (TEAM GALLENTRY) Bhanuprakash, Sai, Krishna and Er. Vijayakumar(TEAM OVERWHELM) Dheeraj, Srinivasa Reddy, Thejswar Reddy, Sridar and Er. Trinath(TEAM ASPIRE). The faculty mentors are Dr. L. Ramesh, Dr. Manivannan, Dr. Sujatha, Dr. Ganesan, Prof. Ramalingam, Er. A.Kannan and Er. Rajkumar.

Wastage Audit Outcome

The lack of Energy Saving awareness of the Public leads to wastage of power. These power wastages play a vital role in power demand in Asian countries where power wastage can be saved. This project presents the study in the technical universities about the power wastage. The team suggested strong recommendation to avoid power wastages. The power wastage audit was executed successfully with the strong recommendations. The different recommendations like ESA Program, EMAN, Automation, Re-Arrangement and Wastage Reduction Awareness program were suggested for implementation. After implementation of these recommendations the following percentage of power saving can be expected with the minimum of investment of Rs 50,000 per annum and savings of Rs 540000 per annum. The universities implemented the recommendation and achieved 95% saving.

This conservation activity that has been started in our university has made a very good impact on the general public as well as on students to go for conservation process in an effective manner .We all know ‘Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean’. In the same manner an initiative is enough to save one unit, which will stop generating 2 units. This Vision 10MW has brought awareness to the people to reduce the demand to save the nation in reducing power demand. The teams involved in this has created awareness among 7500 general public through recommendations in a manual. The audit outcome shows the adaptation of this recommendations in homes in which it is seen that implementation of this recommendations will reduce 30% in power consumption and subsequently in the tariff bills. Satisfying the public creating awareness to reduce demand is the motto behind the MGR-VISION 10MW.

We the team express our sincere gratitude to Thiru. A.C.S. Arunkumar, the President, for his financial and infrastructural support to achieve effective outcome of this project and special thanks to the Rector, the Registrar, the Dean (E&T), Head, EEE and Head, Mechanical Engineering. We thank Energy Efficiency Research Group (GREEN9) professional , who mentored our progress of project works. We thank all the members who contributed to the success of the initiative.


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