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Volume 1 (641KB) Biogas Basics
Volume 2 (971KB) Biogas - Application and Product Development
Volume 3(279KB) Biogas - Costs and Benefits and Biogas – Programme Implementation
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EN KENBIM domestic biogas construction training Kenya 2009.pdf

KENBIN Domestic Biogas Construction Manual - Kenya

Kenya National Domestic Biogas Programme (KENDBIP)

Building of a quality bio digester requires good knowledge and skills on the part of the constructor, the mason. Good functioning or performance of a bio digester is associated with the selection of the right size, choosing the right site for construction, selecting the construction materials and appliances to comply with the quality standards, constructing the components with strict adherence to the norms and ensuring effective operation and maintenance activities – most of which are the responsibilities of the mason.

This handbook is designed for the mason, who wants to make a living out of building biogas digesters. For biogas technology to perform well, a guided approach is needed to achieve this; disseminate, build, and sell the technology. We are training masons so that they know how to build a bio-digester and to standardize the bio-digester, so people can use the same sizes criteria.

The objectives of the Training are streamlined in this manual as follows:

  • To build technical capacity to groups of artisans/technicians so that they get involved in the construction of biogas plants for their own income generation and faster biogas promotion and dissemination in the country;
  • To strength KENDBIP’s capacity for promoting domestic biogas plants in many regions of Kenya;
  • The mason is able to train the end user how to operate and maintain the Biogas plant.
EN Training Manual Final Vietnam 2011.pdf

Medium Scale Biogas / Plug flow biogas model - Training Manual Vietnam (2011)

Developed by SNV Vietnam, Institute of Energy Vietnam and SEI Stockhold Environmental Institute

EN Biogas Course Reader 2014.pdf

Reader for the compact course on Domestic Biogas Technology and mass dissimination 2014

A course developed by SNV and given anually at the University of Oldenburg, Germany as part of the postgraduate program Renewable Energy.

EN Vietnam Training Manual Technicians Vietnam 2011.pdf

Vietnam Training Manual for domestic biogas technicians
EN Building viable domestic biogas programmes success factors in sector development Vietnam 2014.pdf
Building Viable Domestic Biogas Programmes: Success Factors in Sector Development
EN Productive Biogas Current and Future Development 2014.pdf
Productive Biogas: Current and Future Development
Low cost polyethylene tube installation.pdf
Installation Manual for Low Cost Polyethylene Tube Digesters. Author: Marc Luer, GTZ EnDev (2010)