Climate Smart Agriculture

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Climate smart agriculture (CSA) is an integrative approach to address these interlinked challenges of food security and climate change, that explicitly aims for three objectives:

  1. sustainably increasing agricultural productivity, to support equitable increases in farm incomes, food security and development;
  2. adapting and building resilience of agricultural and food security systems to climate change at multiple levels;
  3. reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture (including crops, livestock and sheries).

CSA invites to consider these three objectives together at different scales - from farm to landscape – at different levels - from local to global - and over short and long time horizons, taking into account national and local specifcities and priorities[1]

The Need for a Climate Smart Approach

In this video Leslie Lipper, Senior Environmental Economist with FAO, elaborates on the need for a climate smart approach to production, what that means and examples of how this approach has worked.

Further Information


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