Connection of a Toilet to a Biogas Digester

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Household toilet can be connected to a biogas digester. These toilet systems can turn human waste into biogas.

Types of Toilets

At least two types of toilets can be connected:

  • pit latrine type without water flush
  • pit latrine type with manual 1litre flush


  • Access to modern energy: The toilet is connected to an anaerobic digesters which produces biogas that can be used for lighting, cooking and generating electricity.
  • Fuel switching: Substitution of unsustainably harvested biomass and maintenance of forest habitat, with associated biodiversity benefits and local benefits to soil stability and to the dry season stream flows in the region[1].
  • Time saving: Rural women expend a substantial portion of each day gathering fuel wood and cooking
  • Productivity: The residue of the process, bio-slurry, can be easily collected and used as a potent organic fertiliser to enhance agricultural productivity[1].
  • Health: Connecting biogas digesters to lavatories contributes to improving hygiene and sanitation practices, and the use of biogas for cooking results in a smoke-free indoor environment. [1]

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