Custom Briquetting Machine Plant to Eliminate Fuel Scarcity

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Biomass is emerging as the main source of energy in many countries due to drawbacks of traditional fossil fuels. Day by day increasing demand of renewable and non-polluting energy fuels and shortage of natural resources led us to make the reuse of the bio residues and the recycle of these waste for energy purpose. Also, many industries nowadays switch from traditional to bio fuels due to scarcity and high price of traditional fuels.


With the use of briquetting machine plant the fuel scarcity can be reduced. The innovative briquette machines are used for providing the white coal briquette which is an ideal substitute of any coal or fuel. By using the briquetting press technology, we can also prevent pollution as compared to other manufacturing plants as the machines provided by the briquetting plants are non-polluting.

The biomass briquettes are viable and most useful fuel for any energy and heat production application. The domestic and industrial use of bio coal briquettes results into the reduction of the CFCs (Chlorofluro Carbon) and other polluter like sulfur and phosphor gas emissions. That is why the briquetting process involving briquette machines are environment friendly apparatus.

The white coal briquettes are made up of recyclable bio waste materials. Hence, this white coal making technique called biomass briquetting is considered as the most efficient energy production technology. The white coal briquettes are nowadays found in many application units like brick kiln units, refractory industries, milk and vegetable plants, rubber industries, dyeing units, metal melting units, ceramic and the textile units or any industrial thermal application, briquettes are used. Hence, the end product of briquette machine has the vast range of application area.

The biomass briquetting plant is environmentally acceptable technology through which the risk of global warming can be reduced. Also, the prevention of many earth hazards and conservation of our environment is possible through the green briquette press project.

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