Garuzo (Hotel)

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General Information

Country: Mozambique
City/Town: Bandula, Garuzo, Manica
Coordinates (Powerhouse): 18° 58' 2.76" N, 33° 10' 6.78" E
Year of Commission:
Basin Name:
Stream Name: Belas
Operator: hotel
Project Status:
Any other uses of the water source: Tourism
Comment: to be assessed
Link to Photos:

Technical Information

Power: (kW)
Energy (kWh/a):
Capacity Factor (%):
Penstock Diameter (mm):
Penstock Length (m):
Penstock Material (m³/s):
Maximum Flow of the Penstock (m³/s):
Minimum Flow of the Stream (m³/s):
Head (m):
Turbine Type:
Turbine Manufacturer:
Generator Type:
Generator Capacity (kW):
Generator Manufacturer:

Mini/Island Grid Information

Mini Grid: Yes
Load Control Information:
Connection Type:
Public Lighting:
Length of Transmission Line (m):
Voltage (v):
Transmission Conductor (type) :
Diameter of Conductor (mm²):
Transformer Rating (kVA):
Link to Grid:
Operational Period (Xdays/year):

Dam Information

Dam Type:

Dam Construction Material:
Dam Height [m]:
Length of Dam [m]:
Storage Volume of Reservoir (m³):
Flood Storage of Reservoir:
Channel Material:

Economic Information

Cost (€):
Donor/Financier & Percentage:
Tariff Levels:
Connected Households:
Connection Cost (€):
Cost to be Covered by Households (%):
Link to Cost Breakdown: