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This database is meant to provide detailed information about hydropower sites worldwide, covering all sizes from a 1kW off-grid pico site up to a several GW large-scale hydropower station.There are currently 156 Hydropower sites in the database including 71 Mini Grids

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Map of Hydropower Sites

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Full List (except Mini/Island Grids)

For more information click on the site name. List is presorted by "Country". To sort by other characteristics, click on the respective grey square in the table header.
Site Name Country Stream Name Power (kW) Project Status Year of Commission Cost¹ (€) Mini Grid
Naghlu Dam Afghanistan Kabul River 100000 Completed No
Mahipar Afghanistan Logar River 66000 Completed 1967 No
Sarobi Dam Afghanistan Kabul River 22000 Completed 1957 No
Nangarhar (Darunta) Afghanistan Kabul River 11550 Completed No
Pul-e-Khumri Afghanistan Kunduz River 6000 No
Vau I Dejes Albania Drin River 250000 Completed 1970 No
Fierza Albania Drin River 500000 Completed 1978 No
Koman Albania Drin River 600000 Completed 1985 No
Shkopet Albania Mati River 24000 Completed 1963 No
Bistrice II Albania Bistrice River 5000 Completed 1965 No
Bistrice I Albania Bistrice River Completed 1963 No
Lanabregas Albania Tiranes River 5000 Completed 1951 No
Ulez Albania Mati River 25200 Completed 1957 No
Ighil Emda Algeria Agrioum 24000 Completed 1954 No
Lomaum Angola Catumbela 35000 Completed 1964 No
Ruyugi (Sanzu) Burundi Sanzu 72 1982 No
Nyemanga Burundi Siguvyaye 1440(2x720) No
Gikonge Burundi Mubarazi 850 (2x0.425) 1988 No
Kayenzi Burundi Kavuruga 850 (2x425) 1984 No
Rwegura Burundi Gitenge River 18000 (3x6000) 1986 No
Buhiga Burundi Ndurumu 240 1984 No
Ruvyironza Burundi Ruvyironza River 850 (2x425)/1275 (3x425) 1980/1984 No
Marangara Burundi Ndurumu 240(2x120) 1986 No
Mugere Burundi Mugere River 8000 (2x4000) 1982 No
Rusizi II Democratic Republic of the Congo Rusizi 26600 (2 x 13300) 1989/1991 No
Rusizi I Democratic Republic of the Congo Rusizi 28200 (4 x 7050) 1958/1972 No
Awash III Ethiopia Awash River 32000 1971 No
Gobecho II Ethiopia Gange 30 2011 No
Gilgel Gibe II Ethiopia Omo River 420000 No
Finach Ethiopia Blue Nile 134000 1973/2003 No
Beles Ethiopia Blue Nile 460000 2010 No
Melka Wakena Ethiopia 153000 1988 No
Tis-Abay I Ethiopia 11400 1964 No
Yaye Ethiopia 170 2002-2004 planned to rehabilitate No
Fincha Ethiopia Tana Lake 84,000 Completed 1974 32,797,514 No
Tis-Abay II Ethiopia 73000 2001 No
Tekeze Ethiopia 300.000 Completed 2009 364,999,999 No
Awash II Ethiopia Awash River 1966 No
Koka Ethiopia Awash River 43 Completed 1960 No
Gilgel Gibe Ethiopia Omo River 184000 No
Tana Beles Ethiopia Tana Lake 460.000 Completed 2010 477,586,503 No
Cirata Indonesia Citarum 1,008,000 Completed 1988 No
Beng022 - Air Pawuak Indonesia 13 2012 No
Saguling Indonesia Citarum 700,000 Completed 1986 No
Beng025 - Sebayur Indonesia 8.1 2012 No
DIA002 - Gegarang, Pasir Putih Indonesia Gegarang, Pasir Putih 17 Commissioned 2011 No
Beng017 - Bangun Karya I Indonesia 6 Commissioned 2012 No
Musi Indonesia Musi and Simpang Aur rivers 210,000 Completed 2006 No
DIA005 - Melidi Indonesia Melidi 12 2011 No
Beng027 - Kembung Indonesia 10 2012 No
Beng002 - Sumber Harapan Indonesia 12 Commissioned 2012 No
Sudirman (Mirca) Indonesia Serayu River 181,000 Completed 1988 No
Beng019 - Kayu Ajaran, Simpur Indonesia 25.6 Commissioned 2012 No
Jatiluhur Indonesia Citarum River 150,000 Completed 1967 No
Beng020 - Air Tenam Indonesia 13 2012 No
Kaimbere Kenya Tana River !$$=== 1988 No
Kindaruma Kenya Tana River 44000 1968 No
Masinga Kenya Tana River 40000 1981 No
Kamburu Kenya Tana River 94200 1974 No
Gitaru Kenya Tana River 255000 1978/1999 No
Nyabarongo Rwanda Nyabarongo River 28,000 Under Construction 2014 No
Musarara Rwanda No
Rusumo Rwanda Kagera River 80,000 2020 No
Mazimeru Rwanda 250 2011 No
Rukarara Rwanda River Rukarara 9500 Completed 2010/00/00 No
Murunda Rwanda 96 No
Ntaruka Rwanda Nyabarongo River 115,000 Completed 1959 No
Mukungwa Rwanda Nyabarongo River 12000 Completed 1982 No
Bethlehem hydro Sol Plaatje plant South Africa Liebenbergsvlei 3000 Commissioned 2009 No
Friedenheim South Africa Krokodil 2000 Commissioned 1987 No
Neusberg South Africa Orange river 12570 No
Stortemelk South Africa Botterkloof Dam on As River 4470 No
Clanwilliam South Africa Oliphants 300 Commissioned 1935 No
Bethlehem hydro Merino plant South Africa As River Commissioned 2010 No
New Pangani Falls Tanzania Pangani River 68000 No
Hale Tanzania River Pangani 21000 No
Nyumba ya Mungu Tanzania Pangani River 8000 No
Kidatu Tanzania Great Ruaha River 204000 No
Kihansi Tanzania Kihansi River 180000 No
Mtera Tanzania Great Ruaha River 80000 No
Great Zimbabwe Hydro Zimbabwe Mtirikwi dam 5000 No
Rusitu Zimbabwe Rusitu and Nyahode rivers 750 No
Nyamhingura Hydro Zimbabwe Nyamhingura 1100 No
Pungwe A Zimbabwe Pungwe River 2750 No

Mini/Island Grids

For more information click on the site name. List is presorted by "Country". To sort by other characteristics, click on the respective grey square in the table header.
Site Name Country Stream Name Power (kW) Project Status Year of Commission Cost¹ (€) Mini Grid
Burasira Burundi Ruvubu 25 1961 Yes
Mutumba Burundi Kisara 45 1982 Yes
Giheta Burundi Ruvyironza 30 1984 Yes
Kingwena Burundi Nzibwe 50 Under rehabilitation 1984 Yes
Kirimba Burundi Kaniga 50 Out of Service 1954 Yes
Mpinga Burundi 16 1983 Yes
Mugera Burundi Ruvyironza 30 1962 Yes
Butezi Burundi Sanzu 240 Under rehabilitation 1990 Yes
Kibumbu Burundi Mushwaburu 56 Out of Service 1953 Yes
Teza Burundi Nyabigondo 360 1971 Yes
Kiremba Burundi Buyongwe 64 1981 Yes
Ryarusera Burundi Kagogo 20 Under rehabilitation 1984 Yes
Kiganda Burundi Kaniga/Mucece 44 1984 Yes
Masango Burundi K (G) Itenge 25 1979 Yes
Nyabikere Burundi 139 1990 Yes
Gisozi Burundi Kayoke 15 Out of Service 1983 Yes
Musongati Burundi Nyamabuye 6 1981 Yes
Murore Burundi Rusumo 24 1987 Yes
Erete Ethiopia Ererte Yes
Gobecho I Ethiopia Gange 7 Yes
Hagara Sodicha Ethiopia Lalta 55 Yes
Mangamila Madagascar Yes
Nhamuquarara (Mvundula) Mozambique 5 Yes
Ndirire (I) Mozambique Yes
Chimedza (Mucheca 3) Mozambique 10 Yes
Garuzo (Hotel) Mozambique Belas Yes
Dera (Petrosse Macombe) Mozambique Demba 12 Yes
Chiwijo (Albino Mondlane) Mozambique Chiwijo 10 Yes
Chua (Lino) Mozambique 14.7 Yes
Ganhira (Pambai) Mozambique Ganhira 5 Yes
Chimukono (Mario Vilasse) Mozambique Muzuma 26 Yes
Mutomboumue (Nassone Mateus) Mozambique Nhamatsamba Yes
Chigodole (Jorge Guereguere) Mozambique Revue Yes
Ganhira (Francisco) Mozambique Chimedza 16 Yes
Mavonde (FUNAE) Mozambique Nhamucuarara Yes
Vista Alegre (Tsamba) Mozambique Zawa 8 Yes
Mussapa (Alberto Bhusa) Mozambique Mussapa 1 20 Yes
Nhamuquarara (Tiga Arone) Mozambique Nhamacumburo 10 Yes
Mutambarico (I) Mozambique Yes
Nhamuquarara (Mucheca 4) Mozambique Mbadzo 5 Yes
Mavonde (I) Mozambique 10 Yes
Mangunda (Wiliade Penzura) Mozambique Revue 26 Yes
Chitunga (Tobias Dai) Mozambique Chimedza 30 Yes
Reserva Chim potao (Equipa de Reserva) Mozambique Mussapa 1 5 Yes
Nhamuquarara (Muracha) Mozambique 5 Yes
Gomorematede (Minas Alumina) Mozambique Nhamatsamba Yes
Nhamuquarara (Pedro Tanganji) Mozambique Nhamucuarara 26 Yes
Changuara/Chirodzo (Bernado Corneiro) Mozambique Messica 6 Yes
Mudododo 1 (Itai Muchanga M) Mozambique Nhahombue 16 Yes
Nerufunde (Garikai) Mozambique 20 Yes
Nhamuquarara (Chaningwa) Mozambique 5 Yes
Chadzuca (I) Mozambique Yes
Nhamuquarara (Ganga) Mozambique Yes
Garuzo (Sergio) Mozambique Nhacadungire Yes
Mudododo 2 (Francisco Jone) Mozambique Nhamatsamba 16 Yes
Chirodzo (Denis Zandamela) Mozambique Godhi 6 Yes
Swara Tap Khola Nepal 30 Completed Yes
Chari Khola Nepal 80 Completed Yes
Thulo Khola Nepal 50 Completed Yes
Khani Khola Nepal Nepal 20 Completed Yes
Gasumo Rwanda Yes
Mashyiga Rwanda Yes
Khamitsaru Uganda Pico 2011 Yes
Fofo Uganda micro Under Construction Yes
Gwere Uganda pico Under Construction Yes
Ayungu Uganda Pico Under Construction Yes
Kisiizi Hospital Uganda 300 Completed 2009 900000 Yes
Menyar Uganda Pico Under Construction Yes
Suam Uganda 40 Under Construction Yes
Okabi pico Uganda Pico under construction Yes
Bwindi Uganda 64 under construction Yes