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There are several organizations working in the field of solar energy. This article summarizes some of the organization and the programs implement in the field of solar energy.




  • Founded in 1988 as the non-profit European Association for Renewable Energies that conducts its work independently of political parties, institutions, commercial enterprises and interest groups;
  • promotes the total replacement of nuclear and fossil energies with Renewable Energy sources;
  • regards a total solar energy supply as essential for a sustainable economy;
  • acts to change conventional political priorities and common infrastructures in favor of Renewable Energies, from the local to the international level;
  • brings together expertise from the fields of politics, industry, science, and culture to promote the introduction of solar energy;
  • offers everyone the chance to play a part in the sociocultural movement for Renewable Energies by joining the association;
  • sees its objective as a realistic vision – a goal of the century for all of mankind[1]

IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme


The Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme is a collaborative R&D Agreement, established within the International Energy Agency, and conducting projects on the application of solar photovoltaic electricity. IEA PVPS operates worldwide via a network of national teams in member countries.

In the annual reports the IEA-PVPS provides an overview about PV technology status and prospects in industrialized and some southern countries.

Within the PVPS the following tasks deal with Photovoltaic:

Task status reports

Task 9 deals with Photovoltaic services for developing countries.[2]

ISES International Solar Energy Society


ISES has been serving the needs of the renewable energy community since its founding in 1954. A UN-accredited NGO present in more than 50 countries, the Society supports its members in the advancement of renewable energy technology, implementation and education all over the world. Goals of the Society include:

  • Towards a Sustainable World:
    Encouraging the use of Renewable Energy everywhere, through appropriate technology, scientific excellence, social responsibility, and global communication.
  • Realising a Global Community:
    Bringing together industries, individuals and institutions in support of Renewable Energy technologies - through communication, co-operation, support and exchange.
  • Supporting Development:
    Applying practical projects, technology transfer, education, training and support to the issue of global energy development.
  • Supporting the Science of Solar Energy:
    Stimulating and encouraging both fundamental and applied research in solar energy.
  • Contributing to Growth:
    Ensuring individual and community growth through support of private enterprise and empowerment in the area of Renewable Energy.
  • Information and Communication:
    Rapid access to information through tailor-made communication and exchange platforms utilising modern technology.

ISES is a multi-faceted, global membership organisation. With its long history and extensive technical and scientific expertise provided by its members, the Society is a modern, future-oriented non-governmental organisation (NGO). Clearly defined goals, extensive communication networks and practical, real-world projects are the hallmarks of ISES.[3]

EPIA, European Photovoltaic Industry Association


The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) is the world’s largest industry association devoted to the solar electricity market. The association aims to promote photovoltaics at the national, European and worldwide levels and to assist its members in the development of their businesses in both the European Union and in export markets.


  • Representing the European PV industry towards political institutions at European level
  • Informing its Members on the latest legislative development
  • Anticipating legislation having a potential impact on the sector
  • Advising key decision-makers on the most adequate policies to develop a sustainable PV market
  • Forecasting future European and global market developments
  • Mobilising the sector via working groups and workshops to define clear positions on political, technical and economic issues
  • Promoting a higher penetration of the technology
  • Accompanying industrial development trough political actions
  • Facilitating business-to-business contacts among industry stakeholders
  • Supporting national organisations in achieving their local objectives

Alliance for Rural Electrification


The Alliance for Rural Electrification is the only international business association in the world focusing on the promotion and the development of off-grid renewable energy solutions for rural electrification in developing countries. ARE serves as an platform for sharing knowledge and best-practices and is a privileged partner of stakeholders in the energy field who want to engage the private sector.

Our mission is to:

  • Attract and unite all relevant actors in order to speak with one voice about rural electrification with renewable energies
  • Produce and disseminate information about technical and financial solutions for rural electrification. Go to publications
  • Communicate and advocate for rural electrification using RES to all relevant stakeholders, namely governments, donors, financial institutions, NGOs, international organisations and the broader private sector.
  • Support our members in the field of CSR projects.[5]

ISE Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy


With a staff of above 1100, Fraunhofer ISE is the largest solar energy research institute in Europe. The work at the Institute ranges from the investigation of scientific and technological fundamentals for solar energy applications, through the development of production technology and prototypes, to the construction of demonstration systems.

The Institute plans, advises and provides know-how and technical facilities and services.[6]

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