Micro Hydro Power (MHP) - Socio-economic Development

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Micro Hydro Power plants can foster socio economic development. However, development does not happen by itself but needs to be strengthened by activities.

Decentralized small-scale water power or micro-hydro schemes (defined as plant between 10kW and 100 kW) are a particularly attractive option in many rural areas. Water is a traditional source of power in some parts of Nepal, Peru, Sri Lanka etc. The paper Micro-hydro power: an option for socio-economic development highlights the importance of micro-hydro power in the socio-economic development of isolated hilly and mountain areas. The paper is based on cases drawn from Asia, Latin America and Africa[1]

Further Information


  1. WORLD RENEWABLE ENERGY CONGRESS VI INVITED PAPER, Micro-hydro power: an option for socio-economic developent, By Dr Smail Khennas, and Andrew Barnett, http://practicalaction.org/docs/energy/smail.doc