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Manuals and Guides

MHPG series

Manual Author and year Description
Arter,Meier; 1990 Harnessing waterpower on a small scale (performance test on cross flow turbines)
Arter, Meier Harnessing waterpower on a small scale - supplement namograms and diagrams
Widmer, Arter; 1992 "Village electrification (generators, control system, power factor correction, earthing, distribution system, commercial engineering, Tariffs & financial evaluation"
Nakarmi, Arter, Widmer, Eisenring; 1993 Cross flow turbine designs and equipment engineering
Fischer, Arter, Meier, Chapallaz; 1990 Harnessing water power on a small scale - Governor Product Information
Eisenring, 1991 Micro pelton turbines
Chapallaz, Ghali, Eichenberger, Fischer; 1992 Manual of induction motors used as generators (basic principles of synchronous and induction generators)
Chapallaz, Eichenberger, Fischer; 1992 Manual of pumps used in turbines
Fischer, Eichenberger,Chapallaz; 1992
Krishna Nakami, Alex Arter, Rolf Widmer, Markus Eisenring, 1993


Manual Author and year Description

Harvey; 1993

A guide to small scale water power schemes

Luis Rodriguez, Teodoro Sanchez (Practical Action: 30. März 2011)
  • A Design manual

Description of turbines, governing, belt drives,shafts, balancing, safety, electical power in details with examples and mathematical presentations.

Chitrakar; 2004

Procedural guidelines for Micro-Hydro power projects in Nepal (hydrology, headworks, settling basins, penstock and power calculation, Transmission and distribution, costs and financial analysis.

  • Druckstossberechnung

Explanation for mathematical calculations concerning turbines

Allen R. Inversin, 1986

measuring head and discharge; designs flow; site selection (with examples of many countries)

  • Micro hydro power sourcebook 2
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Civil works in details

  • Micro hydro power sourcebook 3
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All about turbines in details

  • Micro hydro power sourcebook 4
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explanations of the hydropower electrical and mechanical procedures 8) governing

  • Manual on Hydro-Micro development (South Asian case)

Brief explanations a photos for micro-hydro power projects in South Asia

Penche, Dr. Ingeniero de Minas; 1998

Definitions, site evaluation methodology, hydrolic structures, environmental impact and administrative procedures in deep details.

ESHA, 2004

Definitions, site evaluation methodology, hydrolic structures, environmental impact and administrative procedures in deep details.

General information and history of the micro-hydro projects

BChydro; 2004

Site selection, cost and financing, permitting process, grid interconnection and energy sales, construction, operation, maintenance and surveillance

International Centre for Integrated Mountain
Development; 1999

Collection of manuals' titels and summaries

Energy Sector Assistance Program; 2003

Civil, mechanical and electrical components

Nottigham Trent University; 2002/1999

Case studies on Micro Hydro in Kenya and Nepal

Maher, Smith; 2001

A practical manual for schemes up to 5KW in hilly areas

ACE/GTZ 2009

Site Identification, Civil Works, Electro-Mechanical

ACE/GTZ 2009

Transmission 6 Distribution, House Installations, Management & Administration, Utilization of Energy

ACE/GTZ 2010

Hydro Scout Guide - GTZ/Schnitzer 2009 - english
Hydro Scout Guide - short version Madagascar; 2010

french simplified version

GIZ EnDev (Nicaragua/Honduras)E.Paramo

spanish manual about construction of simple axial turbines for MHP

  • Training on pico cross flow - Manual
*****, Maurico Gnecco, *****, Manica, Mozambique, May 2010

The manual describe in words, pictures and drawing the production process of Pico cross flow trubines.

It is possible to use water pumps "backwards" as turbines. Advantages is a wide availability also from spare parts. => Manual how to plan a site by using a Pump as Turbine

Katharina Meder, 2011, EnDev Ethiopia

Policy and Business Frameworks for Succesful Minigrid Roll-outs

EUEI-PDF; 2014

A Framework and Analysis for Key Energy Market Systems

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