Nanogrids to Electrify Inhambane, Mozambique

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Location: Mabime village in Inhambane, Mozambique

Project start date: February 2020

Stakeholders: Green People's Energy Mozambique (co-financier), PowerBlox (implementer) .

Impact: 30 households electrified

Technical details: ...


In 2020 GBE supported the implementation of a swarm grid pilot project with the company Powerblox in Inhambane, Mozambique. With the endorsement of FUNAE, 30 households were connected to the swarm grid. The nano-grid follows a modular concept: The first 8 systems together with the respective solar panels work together as the nano-grid from a central power hub. In accordance to demand, more systems can be implemented, e.g. in a second hub of 6 additional systems. This gives the population of the village Mabine reliable power supply and an opportunity to run productive appliances like freezers for fish preservation, among others.

Hence, Swarm technology have the potential to close the gap between the two off-grid technology approaches solar home systems and mini-grids and complement them accordingly.

Electricity Tariff

The nanogrid includes smart meters allowing people to use mobile money to pay for their electricity usage. The electricity is used in pre-paid package such that the customers must pay for the package in advance. Powerblox operates and maintains the swarm grid to test the viability of the business model. The tariff should be both affordable for the local population and sustainable in the long-term operation of the business.

The approach is promising and can now potentially be replicated.

Challenges and Opportunities