PV-Integrated Drip Irrigation and Fertigation Systems

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Institute for University Cooperation (ICU)

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PV-Integrated Drip Irrigation and Fertigation Systems


Nur Solar Systems (Jordan)
Mena Solar (Lebanon)

Location Applied

Jordan, Lebanon

Water is scarce in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Jordan is one of the world's driest countries. In Jordan and Lebanon, the widespread use of inefficient irrigation methods results in the waste of large amounts of water. This wasted water could be used for wider and better irrigation of crops. The diffused use of fertilizers and agro-chemicals increases soil salinity and contaminates soil and groundwater. Farmers are also in remote areas with no, or unreliable, access to the electrical grid. Financing can be difficult to obtain and farmers may be reluctant to use innovative methods.[1]

Clean Energy Solution

ICU will install a drip irrigation system powered by PV solar energy at pilot farms. The system supports fertigation, which provides the possibility of fertilizer distribution through the irrigation system. Farmers will be supported in accessing to financing for the installation of the system. The CES will provide a complete package for purchase and installation, including training and access to knowledgeable extension agents and companies’ staff.[1]


Solar Panels © ICU

The project will provide energy savings, as farmers will rely on photovoltaic systems for their irrigation energy needs, taking advantage of the 300+ sunny days in their areas. The limited water resources will be saved and used in a more efficient manner. More precise application of fertilizers will make their use more effective, and reduce the amount introduced into the environment. Farmers will benefit from increased and higher quality crop production and the associated increase in revenue.[1]


The Institute for University Cooperation (ICU) was established in 1966, and is recognized as an NGO for development cooperation by the European Commission and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ICU has extensive experience in agriculture, water management, and the environmental sector. ICU has partnered with Nur Solar Systems in Jordan, and Mena Solar in Lebanon. Nur Solar Systems is a leading Jordanian solar systems manufacturing company; Mena Solar specializes in solar energy systems, with a particular expertise in photovoltaics.[1]

Progress Update

The project has installed 6 PV-Integrated Irrigation Systems in Lebanon, and 4 in Jordan, for a total capacity of 87kW. As a result of the Powering Agriculture project’s visibility, ICU’s partner in Lebanon has installed an additional 600 kW of solar-powered irrigation systems. Some benefits from use of the systems include farming of previously unused land and extended growing seasons, both of which result in increased income. Fertigation also minimizes over-fertilization, which reduces costs. During the second half of 2017, ICU organized 8 commercial events between Jordan and Lebanon to introduce the system to new potential customers.[1]

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