Promotion of Commercial Products

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► Please desctibe possible concepts for introducing new commercial products onto the market and set internal or external links

Concept 1

The project can carry out the following steps:

  • solar home systems SHS and PicoPV as well as Quality Management. To avoid distortion of competition all relevant products should be included in the further steps. Selection of one single commercial product should be avoided.
  • Identify entrepreneurs and businesses which may be interested to comercialize these products and have suffcient access to the target market (see also target market analysis for SHS and PicoPV),
  • Import a certain amount of products, which fulfill basic standard criteria and distribute them to the different entrepreneurs and businesses in a fair and transparent way (e.g. give all companies the same amount of pieces) for market testing.
  • Provide those companies which are still interested a certain amount of pieces on consignment. This approach allows the service provider to further test the market without having to invest their own capital by having to purchase a high number of the new product. This process also allows GIZ to absorb some of the risk associated with entering a new market with a new product.
  • Provide interested companies with all necessary information so that they are able to establish direct commercial relations to the company which is providing the new products.

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