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Get Informed  
Promote & Initiate  
Safeguard Water  
Set Up  
PROMOTE & INITIATE – SPIS Rapid Assessment Template  
PROMOTE & INITIATE – Impact Assessment Tool  
SAFEGUARD WATER – Water Requirement Tool  
SAFEGUARD WATER – Water Resource Management Checklist  
MARKET - Market Assessment Tool  
INVEST – Farm Analysis Tool  
INVEST – Payback Tool  
FINANCE – Finance Deployment Tool  
DESIGN – Site Data Collection Template  
DESIGN – SPIS Suitability Checklist  
DESIGN – Pump Sizing Tool  
SET UP – PVP Acceptance Test  
SET UP – Workmanship Quality Checklist  
IRRIGATE – Soil Tool  
MAINTAIN – Maintenance Checklist  
MAINTAIN – Water Application Uniformity Guide  

Trainings on the Toolbox on SPIS are ideally delivered in an interactive and dynamic fashion, in order to ensure that the content inspires learning. Colorful and insightful complimentary training materials are available below, which serve to support a training programme. They include display materials for the training venue, photographs to illustrate examples and more.

Display Materials

Agricultural production losses after medium- to large-scale disasters.jpg
Area equipped for irrigation FAO 2015.jpg
Changes in agricultural and forest land use 1961-2013.jpg
Part of cultivated area under irrigation FAO 2015.jpg

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Global distribution of physical water scarcity FAO 2013.jpg
Freshwater withdrawals as a percentage of total renewable resources.jpg
Distribution of food losses and waste along the supply chain.jpg
Major Agricultural Systems FAO.JPG
Changes in female share of economically active population in the agriculture.jpg
Sectoral employment shares by region 1990 - 2010.jpg
Irrigation 2014.jpg
Projected changes in crop yields owing to climate change.jpg
Share of the food retail trade by channel and region.jpg
Percentage of net food imports in domestic food supply in total calories...jpg
The Sustainable Development Goals.jpg
Water stress by river basin FAO 2015.jpg
Sources of growth in agricultural production by country.jpg
Water cycle FAO 2015.jpg
Hunger Map FAO 2015.pdf
Cattle Density Map FAO 2014.pdf
Food Loss and Waste Facts Map FAO 2015.pdf



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Filter and Monitoring_AHahn_2015
Filter and Monitoring_AHahn_2015
Filter and Monitoring_JRees_2017
Filter and Monitoring_MEichholz_2016
Irrigation Head AHahn 2015
Irrigation Head KBlumenthal 2015
Irrigation Head LWoltering 2016
Irrigation ABensada 2017
Irrigation JRees 2017
Irrigation JSass 2016
Irrigation KBlumenthal 2015
Irrigation LPluschke 2010
Irrigation LWoltering 2015
Pump FAO 2013
Pump KBlumenthal 2015
Pump LWoltering 2016
PV Modules LPluschke 2017
PV Modules RSchultz 1998
PV Modules RSchultz 2016
PV Modules RSchultz 2016
Water Storage AHahn 2015
Water Storage AHahn 2015
Water Storage JRees 2017
Workmanship and Maintenance
Array Corrosion and Spacing RSchultz 2015
Array Misalignment RSchultz 2013
Array Poor Alignment LPluschke 2017
Array Poor Foundation RSchltz 2013

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Controller Flood Damage RSchultz 2016
Controller Insects RSchultz 2017
Controller Lightning RSchultz 2017
Controller Poor Ventilation AHahn 2016
Filter Leakage LPluschke 2017
Irrigation Pipe Leaks KBlumenthal 2015
Junction Box insects AHahn 2015
Junction Box Insects KBlumenthal 2015
Pump Pipe Leakage FPluschke 2013
Pump Mud RSchultz 2015
Pump Sand RSchultz 2017
PV Module Burn Marks RSchultz 2014
PV Module Dirt LPluschke 2017
PV Module Dirt RSchultz 2014
PV Module Shade RSchultz 2014
PV Module Spacing AHahn 2014
PV Modules Flood Damage RSchultz 2016
Theft Fencing KBlumenthal 2015
Theft Id Marking RSchultz 2007
Theft Spray Paint RSchultz 2007
Wiring Broken Connector RSchultz 2014
Wiring Exposed AHahn 2016
Wiring Loose RSchultz 2013
Wiring Poor Connection RSchultz 2014

Complementary Material

PA PosterA0.pdf
PA PosterA1.pdf

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PA PosterA1.pdf
PA PosterA1.pdf
PA PosterA1.pdf
PA PosterA1.pdf
PA PosterA1.pdf
PA PosterA1.pdf
PA PosterA1.pdf
PA PosterA1.pdf
PA PosterA1.pdf