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1. Select A Suitable Installer

The installation itself should be considered when selecting the technology provider. The quotations submitted by the equipment providers need to specify whether the system installation is included. If the installation services are included in the contract for the system components, the provider would nominate an installer.

When technology providers do not do the installation directly, they should recommend a qualified installer and a separate contract for the installation services has to be concluded. For this, a pre-selection of qualified installers should be established and quotations or offers for the services should be obtained, evaluated and decided upon (see DESIGN module).

Installers need to be chosen based on their general qualification and familiarity with the specific products (system components) the producer has opted for. Some technology providers only allow installation by certified installers as part of their warranty conditions and hence, should recommend certified service providers.

In order to make an offer, the installer visits the site and reviews the planned installation together with the producer.

When selecting suitable installers:

  • check if the technology provider is able to recommend a qualified installer from his network;
  • verify if the installer is certified for the installation of the purchased system components / brands;
  • check the experience of the installer with installations in your area (reference list, other producers);
  • obtain clarity on the installers’ after installation services and whether they are available for maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.


  • Shortlist of qualified installers;
  • Quotations / offers for installation services;
  • Selection of installer based on cost-quality considerations;
  • Installation services contract.

Data Requirements

  • List of qualified and certified installers from technology provider;
  • System layout and system component description (provided in contract with technology provider);
  • Unit price listing (quotation / offer of installer);
  • Information on post-installation services.


  • Producer;
  • Supplier / system integrator (technology provider);
  • Installation service provider;
  • Agricultural service provider.

Important Issues

  • Installation may be included in the purchase contract for the system components, but may also have to be contracted separately.
  • It may not be feasible that the same installer is able to install PV generator, pump, storage tank and irrigation system.
  • The warranty of the system components depends on the installation by a qualified and certified service provider.
  • It is recommended to work with an installer who can also provide maintenance, troubleshooting and repair services.

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