Solar Energy Technology in Development Cooperation

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According to leading climate experts an efficient and preventive climate protection strategy requires a 50% reduction of the anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Taking this fact into account, and considering the very unequal access to energy services in industrial and developing countries, the dramatic situation becomes even more apparent – more than 2 billion people in developing countries do not have access to modern energy supplies therefore in the decades to come energy consumption in these countries will increase considerably. So to significantly decrease the anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions will only be possible by relying on energy systems based on renewable energy sources.

The initiative “Sustainable Energy for All” (SE4All) released by UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, was the stimulus for an international dialogue on energy in developing countries. SE4All places great emphasis on providing access to affordable, secure, and reliable healthy energy services and energy sources, that is renewable energy sources for people in developing countries.

The need to create energy economies and energy infrastructures in developing countries, the decentralized energy demand in rural areas, and the large solar resource in most of these countries are perfect conditions for implementing new technologies that utilize renewable energy sources. Moreover, the increased use of locally available resources can contribute to many countries’ debt-relief efforts as the importation of energy is one of the contributing factors to high level of debts in developing countries.

Solar thermal systems, photovoltaics, solar drying and solar cooking can help to build a sustainable energy system in developing countries, and with the appropriate implementation provide local jobs.

International Conference on Solar Energy Technology in Development Cooperation - Frankfurt, Germany, 6-7 November 2014

During the two-day conference organized by OTTI, participants will learn about, discuss and share knowledge and experiences on realized projects, project financing instruments, and social, political and economic barriers for implementing solar technologies. The conference offers a forum for know-how transfer and exchange of experiences between international solar experts and people working in the field of development cooperation and development policies[1].

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