Solar Training for End User

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  • The training material for the end users need to be simple, clear and graphic.
  • The objetive is to transmite direct mesages of how to operate the system, a good idea is to create a list of to do's and don't.
  • For the end users is important to have not only training but also posters and instructions for the operation of the systems to increase awareness.

Suggested Modules

While creating a new training material for the end user the next topics are suggested to be covered:

  1. Basic explanation of how the solar energy works
  2. Description of the main components of a Solar Home System (SHS)
  3. Limitations of the SHS
  4. Operation of the system
  5. How to connect the loads
  6. Maintenance
    • Cleaning the panels and the battery poles
  7. Troubleshooting


Manuals & Forums

Name Author/Language Description

Brochure: Simple and consice, very grafical. It explains the working principle of the SHS, main components an intructions for the operation.

This book is for families who live in a
community with a Bushlight Renewable
Energy (RE) System.
I nice example of a user manual. In this case it is a user manual for a hybrid system not only a solar system, its important to put attention to the format and design.

It begins with a brief essay-writing contest anwering the questions “How have you used your solar lamp?” and “How has your solar lamp changed your life?” The best essay authors are invited to testify to the group and share their insights with their peers in a half day conference with other end-users. This training facilitates knowledge-sharing on best practices and the collection of product design feedback, user data and proof of impact.


Name Author/Language Description
Promote the use of SBS

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