Training Materials - Off Grid Systems

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Giving proper training to the stakeholders of a solar system is crucial, especially in rural electrification projects where lack of information can compromise the success of the project.

Off Grid Systems Training Material

Tips for creating your own material plus examples of training materials from different Energising Development (EnDev) projects are presented in the next table:

Training Target group Objective
End User/Operator
Operators of PV systems in Schools, Health Centers, etc…
  • List the main components of a PV system
  • Perform the do’s and don’ts of the a PV system
  • Operate the installed system (Switching on /off and reporting of PV system remarks)
  • Perform preventive maintenance for the installed PV system
Technicians working in partner organization…

Define minimum criteria for the participants in the differnt trainings

  • Explain the principle and operation of PV system Components
  • Design a PV solar Home system (SHS) DC and AC
  • Demonstrate installation techniques
Local retailers
  • Improve entrepreneurial skills
  • Enhance technical capacity of rural retailers in SHS design, install and follow-up
  • To enable rural retailers to perform after salesand, maintenance service of SHS

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