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Social Infrastructure

Social institutions from schools to healthcare stations heaviliy rely on stable engery provision. Green People's Energy therefore focuses its efforts on implementing sustainable solutions and creating lasting fincancing opportunities for social infrastructure.

I. Overview

Poor access to energy increases economic inequality for rural regions. Rural social institutions, such as health centres, schools, orphanages and vocational trainings centres, are particularly affected by energy access challenges as they are usually underfunded and located too remotely to be connected to existing electrical grids. What makes their situation even more difficult is the fact that they require particularly stable energy supply over comparatively long periods of time, sometimes also for larger groups of people at once.

Health centres need cold storage opportunities for medicines, lighting for treatments at night, and energy to keep medical equipment running. Training centres and schools as well as orphanages can benefit from electricity access to keep training equipment running, use lighting and technology to enhance the learning experience and provide for students and children using energy to cook or cool food.

The Green People’s Energy for Africa initiative supports social institutions to aquire and use decentralised renewable energy solutions so they are able to improve their social services. This contributes to well-being in the communities and to local value creation. In addition to supplying solar systems and equipment, GBE promotes long-term, partner-based approaches to infrastructure maintenance and financing.

II. Case Studies

The following case studies and Small Projects Fund project factsheets showcase the GBE energy interventions in social institutions like health centres and schools. They not only show how public structures can benefit from energy interventions but also how to set them up sustainably.

Case Studies

Small Projects Fund

III. Publications

IV. Countries

Blue flags show the location of the relevant Small Projects Fund projects. The relevant case studies can be seen by hovering over the green highlighted countries.
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