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The Green People’s Energy initiative runs measures for improving energy access by addressing diverse challenges and aspects of decentralized renewable energy provision. While the topics of community energy, financing, gender, networks, productive use of energy, skills and social infrastructure are all intertwined, they each bring unique challenges and approaches. Green People’s Energy in Africa has built a broad portfolio of solutions for essential topics.


Productive Use
With the right equipment powered by decentralized renewable energy, communities can increase income and improve well-being. A threefold approach improves conditions for productive use of energy by supporting business, improving framework conditions and working directly with end-users.
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Access to energy and connected productive technologies reduces income inequality and promotes economic growth. Green People’s Energy for Africa offers financial and knowledge support for users and private companies to improve adoption of decentralized renewable energy systems and productive use of energy in off-grid rural communities.
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Energy poverty affects women and men differently. Green People’s Energy for Africa is dedicated to promoting women in all training and business development activities – to promote economic and social rights and empower girls and women.
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Community-based Approaches
In Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), only 25% of the rural population has access to electricity. Energy poverty increases economic inequality in rural regions. The aim is to provide off-grid rural communities with energy solutions to increase economic, social and environmental well-being.
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Skills Development
Bringing energy to rural areas requires skills. If demand for off-grid, decentralized renewable energy is to grow, skilled professionals are needed. For designing, financing, selling, installing, operating and maintaining systems. Green People’s Energy for Africa contributes to developing skills.
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Social Infrastructure
Rural social institutions, such as health centres, schools and vocational trainings centres, in particular, need direct access to energy. Green People’s Energy for Africa works specifically to provide decentralized renewable energy solutions, contributing to improved community services.
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Small Projects Fund
The Green People’s Energy Small Projects Fund (SPF) provided financial support for project ideas from non-profit organisations in decentralized renewable energy. Starting in December 2018, the programme looked for sustainable project ideas for locally needed solutions in sub-Saharan Africa.
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