Micro Hydro Power (MHP) - Ethiopia, Gobecho I

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Location of the Micro Hydro Power (MHP) site:

  • Country: Ethiopia
  • District: Bona
  • River: Gange
  • GPS Coordinates: 6º34’40’’N 38º41’50.3’’ E


The MHP power plant Gobecho I has a capacity of 7 kW. It was inaugurated in February 26, 2010 and is estimated to have the capacity to supply a total of 700 persons with electricity (given that no public facilities such as schools and health centers are connected). As of May 2011, the plant supplied energy for 16 households (which equals 160 connected persons, given that the average household size in the area is 10 persons), 9 coffee places, 5 shops, a cinema, a health center, a school as well as a church. ► For more information click here.

  • Start of construction: at the beginning of 2009
  • Date of Commissioning: Feb. 2010
  • Ownership / Operation Modell: Gobecho Genet Electric users cooperative/Community based cooperative Society
  • Tariff structure: Flat rate/monthly based per appliance
  • Turbine: T-3 Cross flow turbine/Locally manufactured
  • Generator: A.C. Synchronous Generator/ Power 10 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz, 1500r/min, 3 phase


Gobecho I waterfall.jpg
Gobecho I waterfall
Gobecho I powerhouse.jpg
Gobecho I powerhouse
Gobecho I weir and intake.jpg
Gobecho I weir and intake
Turbine Generator for GOB I.JPG
Turbine Generator for GOB I
During Gob I testing.JPG
During Gob I testing
Gobecho I
Peoples enjoying in GOB I byTape recorder.JPG
People enjoying the benefits of electricity supplied by the MHP
Gob I grid and Street Light.JPG
Gob I grid and street light

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