Micro Hydro Power (MHP) - Ethiopia, Gobecho II

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Location of the Micro Hydro Power (MHP) site:

  • Country: Ethiopia
  • District: Bona
  • River: Gange
  • GPS Coordinates: 6º34’39.7’’N 38º41’50’’E


The MHP power plant Gobecho II has a capacity of 34 kW and is planned to be inaugurated in September 2011. Current estimations show that approximately 200 households will be connected to the plant. The maximum number of households that could be supplied is estimated to be 700 (given that no public facilities such as schools and health centers are connected).

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  • Start of construction: 22/09/2009
  • Date of Commissioning: -
  • Ownership / Operation Modell: Gobecho Genet Electric Users Cooperative/community based cooperative society
  • Tariff structure: Flat rate/monthly based per appliance
  • Turbine: Cross- flow T14 D300 HeksaHydro, Efficiency --76%
  • Generator: Synchronous Alternator, 1450rpm, 60kVA, 3 phase, cos phi - 0.8, 50 Hz, insulation class-F, Brand Matari, origin China


Bild 261.jpg
Gobecho II waterfall
Gobecho II powerhouse.jpg
Gobecho II powerhouse (under construction)
Gobecho II Fall (2).jpg
Gobecho II waterfall

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