Micro Hydro Power (MHP) - Ethiopia, Hagara Sodicha

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Location of the Micro Hydro Power (MHP) site:

  • Country: Ethiopia
  • District: Aleto Wendo
  • River: Lalta
  • GPS Coordinates: 6º37’26.6’’N 38º31’5.3’’ E


The MHP power plant Hagara Sodicha has a capacity of 55 kW and is planned to be inaugurated in September 2011. The plant is estimated to supply 300 to 400 households with electricity (maximum number of connectable households is 1000, considering no public facilities are connected).

  • Start of construction: May 2009
  • Date of Commissioning:
  • Ownership / Operation Modell:
  • Tariff structure: Flat rate/monthly based per appliance
  • Turbine: X-flow T -14 D300 HEKSAHYDRO, Rated head - 43.2 m, Rated discharge - 0.2 m3/s
  • Generator: MARELLI, Brushless Synchronous 4 poles , 3 phase series STAR connection, 1500 rpm, 73 kVA,58 kW, 50 Hz, 380/440V, Excitation current-2.4 A
  • Control system type, Rating voltage & connection: HEKSAHYDRO, ELC MC-1 with Two step Ballast Load, 58 kW, 73 kVA @0.8 cos phi, 380/440 V line to line,50 Hz
  • Standard metering: Volt, Amp, frequency and hour meter
  • Ballast load type: Baker Unfinned Tubular Air heater,3x(6x3 kW), 3 phase STAR connection, 240 V,50 Hz


Hagras Sodicha MHP canaland diversion.JPG
Hagras Sodicha MHP canaland diversion
Hagara Kija community Participation.JPG
Hagara Kija community participation
Hagara Sodicha Fall.JPG
Hagara Sodicha Waterfall

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