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4. Define a Promotion Strategy

Deciding on a promotion strategy is one of the primary roles of the promoter and this process involves some key decisions about who the customers are, how to contact them, and what the message should be. From the previous steps the target group and its priorities and needs became clear. Now it is important to decide if you want to use the press, advertising (or other media) or personal contact to reach them. Then you need to be clear what your (unique) selling points are in order to create a demand for the promoter services.

In almost any country around the world experience exists with regard to promotion and awareness raising campaigns in the agricultural sector. Successful approaches may be proposed by the extension services and development partners such as donors and NGOs. Appropriate approaches are always target group focused and culturally sensitive. Particular attention has to be given to information access for disadvantaged communities and in particular women and young people. Dissemination meetings and seminars etc. are traditionally dominated by male household heads and lead producers.

Promotion activities should include communicative and interactive instruments as the simple dissemination of information sheets and brochures is often not sufficient to reach all target households.

Possible activities are for example:

  • producer field days and producer technology fairs (this can also be organized in cooperation with technology service providers);
  • “village road shows” with technology presentations on village level; and
  • extension seminars with lead producers as multipliers.

Recommendation: Wherever possible, technology suppliers and NGOs should be incorporated into the promotion concept as they can provide valuable information. An agreement needs to be reached as to the impartiality of information provision. It is also advisable to invite representatives of local banks / financing institutions to promotion events in order to contribute to their awareness for the new technologies. Furthermore, a number of passive dissemination means exist, which also require a very thorough preparation of materials:

  • rural radio bulletins;
  • short bulletins on the local TV;
  • preparation of posters; and
  • internet videos (posting via YouTube etc.).

Depending on the promotion approach and instruments chosen, the compilation of promotion material can be a significant task. It should include a target group-specific design and layout of documents etc. Sufficient budgetary resources must be available in order to produce good quality promotion material. In addition, the promoter should be well aware of the proper capacity (human resources and financial) to set up and implement a good promotion campaign.

Important: When approaching the promotion of irrigation technology, the prime objective of the promotion effort must always provide the producer with information that enables him to take a decision in view of securing and / or increasing his production potential. Promotion from a development perspective is not marketing of a specific product!


  • Determination of promotion approach and instruments;
  • Agreement with relevant stakeholders on cooperation activities; and
  • Design and layout of promotion material.

Data Requirements

  • Experiences with different promotion approaches and instruments (agricultural sector);
  • Own human resources and financial capacity to undertake a promotion campaign.


  • Agricultural advisor / development practitioner;
  • Technology provider;
  • Producer organizations;
  • Donors and NGOs; and
  • Financial service providers.

Important Issues

  • Promotion activities should include communicative and interactive instruments.
  • Information access to disadvantaged communities, women and young people has to be considered.
  • Technology suppliers and NGOs should be incorporated into the promotion concept as they can provide valuable information.

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