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4. Documentation and Monitoring

The monitoring system of a SPIS contains water meters, pressure meters and other gauges. The measurement of water flow, water levels and system pressures are critical for the operation of a SPIS. In addition, the monitoring system is used to:

  • provide system data for the acceptance test after installation;
  • observe the system’s operation and performance at any time;
  • control water provision and consumption;
  • prevent groundwater depletion and connected environmental risks.

Even a simple monitoring system with just a water flow meter and a water level gauge will be useful for improved decision making on SPIS operation.

During daily operation and regular inspections of the SPIS, the producer should collect and register systematically data about the system and its performance. This data is fundamental for the producer and service providers, to do regular analysis of the system performance. Observations, results of performance checks and repairs should be documented systematically. The establishment of a “log book” is strongly recommended


  • Monitoring data booklet.

Data Requirements

  • Costs incurred for replacements and services (bills, dates, brief description of cause);
  • Findings during maintenance visits by agricultural advisors and/or technology/service providers (maintenance checklist);
  • System failures (date, description).


  • Producers /producer groups;
  • Agricultural advisors;
  • Technology and service providers (electricians, companies providing solar powered system).

Important Issues

  • Collecting data should be linked to the maintenance plan;
  • Data should be compiled regularly;
  • Producer might need assistance or/and training initially to enable correct data registration and analysis;
  • Maintenance efforts can be obsolete when groundwater in the region is not managed adequately. Groundwater levels should therefore also be monitored.
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