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Module Aim and Orientation

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Maintaining an SPIS does not require advanced technical skills. The overall effort is relatively low when compared to most other technologies. However, it does require good and systematic monitoring to anticipate problems and react timely to service needs. Given the relatively high initial investment in SPIS, it is important to properly maintain each component. In addition, it is important to monitor changes in other factors that affect the performance of the system, such as water availability.

Process Steps

The maintenance routines will influence the efficiency of operation as well as the lifetime of the SPIS. The plan can be formulated by the producer with the help of a professional service provider. This module provides examples of maintenance checklists. It is important that the maintenance activities are documented and monitored precisely.


1. Establish and refine maintenance plan
2. Select suitable service provider
3. Implement maintenance routines
4. Documentation and monitoring

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