News from the Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub January 2022

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News from the Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub

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January 2022

Dear all, this is the second edition of the Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub News to keep you posted about latest developments on energypedia. We have kept the structure simple and lean so that it is easy and quick to read. We hope you appreciate it!

The Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub offers a wealth of information on the energy situation, RE potential, policy and regulatory framework as well as on actors involved in the Mozambican energy sector. You can also browse through sub-hubs on solar energy, cooking energy and productive use of energy (focused on solar powered irrigation systems) to understand the market landscape and the opportunities/challenges for private sector engagement in each technology markets. A sub-hub on nano and mini-grids will be available soon.

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What's new on the Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub

New content

  • We created a new section about solar powered irrigation systems (SPIS) as part of our sub hub on productive uses of energy in Mozambique. Find background information, market assessment for SPIS, technical and financial aspects, as well as further helpful resources. Enjoy reading! By the way, the translation into Portuguese is ongoing and will be shared soon.

Help portal in English and Portuguese finalized

Looking for advice on how to create new articles or add content to existing ones to the Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub? Visit our Help portal in English or Portuguese to find now the most important help articles. Check them out and start sharing your knowledge and experience!

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Portuguese version

A Portuguese version of the Hub is currently under development, check here for already translated articles.

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Questions from the community

Help us answering these 3 questions and contribute to the further development of the sector:

  • In the last webinar on Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS) for Small-scale Farmers in Mozambique we discussed some of the do's and don'ts of sizing an SPIS. What criteria do you consider when selecting a pump for your system? What experience did you make? Reply here on the energypedia practitioner group!
  • How can you protect solar systems from theft and vandalism? Reply here on the energypedia practitioner group!
  • What is the benefit of shared cooling facilities (a cold room) compared to decentralized cooling (smaller refrigerators in farmhouses)? Hope you will contribute your ideas and experiences to this platform so that we can guide EU selection. See full post from group member Martyn Cowsill from 10 Dec on the facebook group and reply!

Please share your experiences. Create an account and log in to see and add your responses.


Solar Powered Irrigation Systems in Mozambique – Deep Dive with Experts

This is a follow-up event to the Webinar on "Solar Powered Irrigation Systems for Small-scale Farmers in Mozambique" held in Dec 2021. In this webinar, we will dive deeper into the operation and maintenance (O&M) of solar irrigation systems and have an interactive session where the audience can directly pose their questions to the experts. Do you have any questions on solar irrigation (including O&M), share them at

This event is organized jointly by energypedia and AMER. It is funded by the GIZ program Green People’s Energy for Africa to enhance knowledge exchange and sharing among the Mozambican energy practitioners. Read more….

Please note: the event will be mainly in Portuguese language!

Date and Time: Wednesday, Feb 16, 9:00-10:45 CET; 10-11:45 CAT


Energypedia Help Tutorial

On 22 February, we will show you how to work on energypedia! This webinar will be held in Portuguese.

Time: 11 am CAT/ 10:00 am CET



Publications available on energypedia

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Climate-Resilient Investment in Electricity in Mozambique

In: Energizing Finance 2021, by SEforAll

The energypedia Mozambique team wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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