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Stove Testing and Measurement

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Relevant Information on Stove Tests and Measurement

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This chapter gives an overview of stove testing protocols and explanations, including the water boling test, kitchen performance test, controlled cooking test, and the emission control test.It also includes the current test protocols and data calculation sheets where available.
This chapter gives a short introduction into the development of current agreements on cookstoves standards.
Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) measuring and measurement device introduction, including test results from several countries.
Overview of necessary information when reporting test results
Minimum Standards for Stove Test Reports
Normes minimales pour la rédaction de rapports d’essai sur les foyers
Estándares Mínimos para Informes de Ensayo de Cocinas
The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air has a site with extensive information on stove testing, testing centres, and other information
The Aprovecho Research Centres specialises in developing and also testing ICS

Stove Test Reports and Results from Different Countries

  • Test of MIRT, TIKIKIL, IRS Institutional Rocket Stoves and other stoves in ETHIOPIA - Summary
  • Kitchen Performance Test of Rocket Mud Stove in Kenya - Summary

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