News from the Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub March 2022

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News from the Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub

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March 2022

We are happy to share the March edition of the Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub News!

The Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub offers a wealth of information on the energy situation, RE potential, policy and regulatory framework as well as on actors involved in the Mozambican energy sector.

You can also browse through sub-hubs on solar energy, cooking energy and productive use of energy (focused on solar powered irrigation systems) to understand the market landscape and the opportunities/challenges for private sector engagement in each technology markets. A sub-hub on nano and mini-grids will be available soon.

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What's new on the Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub

Hub on Clean Cooking Solutions Available

We are happy to officially launch our sub hub on improved cookstoves (ICS) in Mozambique! You can find all articles either in English or Portuguese. Find background information, market information, consumer insights, as well as further helpful resources on clean cooking. Enjoy reading!

Calling for Case Studies on Energy Access Projects in Mozambique

We invite you to share your project’s or company’s case study and become part of the Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub! By sharing technological aspects, approaches and results of your activities, you contribute to more learning opportunities in the sector. In return, you will receive recognition and we will also support you in disseminating your case study. To make it easier for you, we have created templates for different technologies, which you could use for compiling your case study. You can share your case study article either directly on or send it to us via email and we will upload it for you. Read more here.

Get Involved!

Questions from the community

Help us answering these two questions and contribute to the further development of the sector:

  • How can you protect solar systems from theft and vandalism?
  • What criteria do you consider when selecting a pump for your system? What experience did you make?
  • Do you know of any Micro Finance Institutions in Mozambique who offer loans, especially designed for Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS)? Which? Do they offer service packages with technical and financial assistance? Share your information with us!

Answer the questions here in the Practitioners Group in energypedia. Share your experiences and advice or add your own questions. Please create an account and log in to see and add your responses.


Webinar on Clean Cooking in Mozambique: Market Insights and Opportunities for the Private Sector   

This webinar highlights the status of clean cooking energy technologies in Mozambique with key insights into the stakeholders involved, market size, challenges as well as the opportunity for the sector. It will feature a round table discussion with private sector representatives revolving around topics such as access to finance, reaching end consumers and quality clean cooking solutions.

The webinar will be held in Portuguese with the option to watch and participate in English.

This webinar is organized by energypedia and AMER. It is funded by the GIZ programme Green People’s Energy for Africa to enhance knowledge exchange and sharing among the Mozambican energy practitioners. Read more…

Wednesday, Apr 06, 10:00-11:30 CEST/CAT; Register:

Help tutorial on how to work in energypedia

On April 8th at 11 am and 2 pm (CAT/CEST) we will host two interactive tutorials where we will show you how to share your knowledge in energypedia and contribute to the Off-grid Knowledge Hub. We show you how to:

  • navigate in energypedia
  • register for an account
  • create articles
  • edit articles
  • upload publications, documents, media, etc.

Register for the tutorial in Portuguese (11am CAT/CEST):

Register for the tutorial in English (2 pm CAT/CEST):

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