International Conference on Renewable Energy Development & Applications for a Sustainable Agriculture (RE & Agri)

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Conference Booklet

The conference was held in Tunis from 2nd until 4th December. It was organized by the Desertec University Network (DUN) e.V. to explore and foster the use of RE in the agriculture sector.

Workshop: Sustainable Energy Use in the Agriculture and Food Industry

On the second day of the conference, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH organized a workshop on the use of renewable energy in agriculture and food processing. The presentations can be downloaded further below; three GIZ projects presented and engaged in the workshop:

  • 1. DMS: The project “Developing the solar energy market”, that coordinated and moderated the workshop, outlined the business potentials in the developing solar energy market in Tunisia.
  • 2. HERA: The programme "Poverty-oriented Basic Energy Services" presented worldwide potentials and challenges of smallholder agriculture.
  • 3. PAEGC: Supported by the GIZ, the programme "Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development" presented its Second Global Innovation Call which is designed to source innovative technologies and business models at the intersection of clean energy and agriculture and incited the audience to profit from knowledge sharing on Energypedia.

08:30-10:45 Introduction and Presentations

1. Market development of solar energy in Tunisia

RE&AGR Economics & business models in Tunisia (Mr Christopher Gross, GIZ)

Existing/planned projects in Tunisia ( Prof. Hichem M’saad, Volta-PV)

2. Basis Energy Services (GIZ/HERA)

Modern Energy services for modern Agriculture – Sustainable Value Chains in Agriculture (Ms Dorothea Otremba, GIZ)

3. Powering Agriculture (GIZ/USAID/Sida/OPIC/DukeEnergy)

Powering Agriculture - An Energy grand challenge (Ms Maria Weitz, GIZ)

Network and Powering Agriculture wiki portal (Mr Carsten Schüttel, GIZ)

10:45-13:00 Discussion at the three information desks
The information desks of the three projects offered the opportunity for all participants to inform themselves further and to foster future collaborations.

Further Information