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Energy technologies

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Energy use

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Cross cutting issues

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Latest articles

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Country energy situation

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="30" lon="15" type="terrain" zoom="1" width="100%" height="200">

-28.921631, -68.554687, Chile Energy Situation Chile 7.946527, -1.023194, :Category:Ghana Ghana 50.143338, 8.569075, :Category:Germany GTZ Headquarters in Eschborn, Germany >Energy situation Germany 9.30769, 2.315834, :Category:Benin Benin 12.238333, -1.561593, :Category:Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 9.145, 40.489673, :Category:Ethiopia Ethiopia -0.023559, 37.906193, :Category:Kenya Kenya 17.570692, -3.996166, :Category:Mali Mali -18.665695, 35.529562, :Category:Mosambique Mosambique 14.497401, -14.452362, :Category:Senegal Senegal 1.373333, 32.290275, :Category:Uganda Uganda 23.684994, 90.356331, :Category:Bangladesh Bangladesh -0.789275, 113.921327, :Category:Indonesia Indonesia 46.862496, 103.846656, :Category:Mongolia Mongolia 28.394857, 84.124008, :Category:Nepal Nepal -16.290154, -63.588653, :Category:Bolivia Bolivia 15.199999, -86.241905, :Category:Honduras Honduras 12.865416, -85.207229, :Category:Nicaragua Nicaragua -9.189967, -75.015152, :Category:Peru Peru -1.757537, 29.750977, :Category:Rwanda Rwanda -3.425692, 29.855347, :Category:Burundi Burundi 12.565679, 104.990963, :Category:Cambodia Cambodia -6.369028, 34.888822, :Category:Tanzania Tanzania 34.813803, 9.316406, :Category:Tunisia >Energy situation Tunisia 32.546813, -6.240234, :Category:Morocco >Energy situation Morocco 28.844674, 2.548828, :Category:Algeria >Energy situation Algeria 28.059054, 18.061523, :Category:Libya >Energy situation Libya 27.748366, 29.838867, :Category:Egypt >Energy situation Egypt 20.96144, -10.371094, :Category:Mauritania >Energy situation Mauritania 32.249974, 33.222656, :Category:Israel >Energy situation Israel 31.203405, 37.617188, :Category:Jordan >Energy situation Jordan 31.052934, 34.980469, :Category:Palestinian Territories >Energy situation Palestinian Territories 34.157273, 35.90332, :Category:Lebanon >Energy situation Lebanon 35.603719, 38.320313, :Category:Syria >Energy situation Syria 47.149878, 2.329102, :Category:France >Energy situation France 39.842286, 22.412109, :Category:Greece >Energy situation Greece 43.961191, 12.041016, :Category:Italy >Energy situation Italy 40.245992, -7.998047, :Category:Portugal >Energy situation Portugal 40.044438, -3.779297, :Category:Spain >Energy situation Spain 44.777936, 19.072266, :Category:South Eastern Europe >Energy situation South Eastern Europe 39.504041, 35.419922, :Category:Turkey >Energy situation Turkey 28.613889, 77.208889, :Category:India >Energy situation India


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